vendredi 3 avril 2015


Hello les Amis!

Depuis mercredi, chaque créatrice de PBP vous propose de collecter un freebie en s'inscrivant à sa newsletter!

Hi Scrappy Friends!
Since wednesday, each PBP's designer offer you to grab a freebie by subscribing to her newsletter!
Voici tous les produits que vous pouvez collecter:
 Here are all the products you can collect:

et voici celui que vous recevrez en vous abonnant à ma newsletter
Attention! Si vous êtes abonné à mon flux RSS via Feedburner vous devez cliquer sur CE LIEN, aucun autre ne vous donnera accès au freebie ;)
and here is the one I'm happy to offer you! You just have to subscribe to my newsletter!
Caution! If you have subscribed to my Feedburner RSS flow you have to click on THIS LINK, no other one will allow you to collect this freebie ;)

Mais ce n'est pas tout!
Recevez ce superbe mini-kit supplémentaire en vous abonnant à la newsletter de PBP!!!

This is not all!
Grab this beautiful additional mini kit by subscribing to PBP newsletter!

Je vous souhaite un très joyeux et gourmand week-end de Pâques!
Bon scrap à Tous!

I wish you a wonderful and delicious Easter week-end!
Happy scrappin'!


11 commentaires:

  1. I don't see the link for the newsletter freebie. I signed up for your newsletter.

  2. I have tried clicking on the link and it keeps taking me to your newsletter to subscribe. I'm already receiving your newsletter. :(

  3. I have the same problem: already subscribed to your newsletter but keep getting linked to sign up form.

  4. Me too. There is no download link.

  5. I have the same problem as the ladies have mentioned above

  6. the same has happened to me - i've not received an email to confirm my subscription either!

  7. although it is very kind of you to offer such a nice freebie - and a generous one at that, it's impossible to get it. please could you look into this issue so that we can receive your newsletter at the very least! Thank you,

  8. I just now signed up again for the newsletter. Got an email to confirm immediately, sent back the confirmation and got the freebie link in email. Must have been a glitch before because I had already done this once, and got her first newsletter. Everyone just try it again.

  9. Hi Ladies,
    You have in all probability subscribed to my Feedburner RSS flow (wrong link attached in the first PBP newsletter)... that's why you didn't get the freebie.

    If you want to receive my newsletter with news from me and exclusive freebies and offers ( included BLUE JEANS & BUTTERFLIES in confirmation email)) you have to subscribe here:
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. thanks so much for this beautiful free ;)